• Bamboo is Nature's Choice for Tree Free Sustainable Packaging. Saving the Earth one package at a time.

Bamboo is More Sustainable Than Plastic

Bamboo is More Sustainable Than Plastic?

✅  Bamboo is a highly sustainable natural renewable resource. Plastic is clearly not.

✅  Plastic is killing a lot of wildlife, marine life and polluting a large part of our environment. Bamboo Sustainable Packaging is clearly not.

✅  Most bamboo can be composted.  Plastic can never be composted. Plastic has added chemicals and can not be composted. Only some bio-plastic can be recycled and it uses large amounts of energy.

✅  8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic is produced worldwide in 2019, only 9% has been recycled. 91 % of Plastic is not Recycled.

✅  Plastic used in products are a design error that pollute the oceans, a risk to marine life. By 2050, most birds will eat plastic and there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

✅ The amount of plastic ever made has doubled in the last ten years. By 2050 there will be more weight in plastic in the oceans than the weight of all fish. Most birds will eat plastic. We presently eat a credit card amount of micro-plastics every year. There is micro-plastics on Mount Everest and in both polar regions. There is even micro-plastics in tea bags.

✅ We offer a solution with the No Tree Was Harmed Bamboo Paperboard Jars and Push up Tubes: Nature’s Choice for Sustainable Packaging.


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