• Bamboo is Nature's Choice for Tree Free Sustainable Packaging. Saving the Earth one package at a time.

No Tree was Harmed Bamboo Sustainable Packaging

No Tree was Harmed Bamboo Sustainable Packaging

Nature’s Eco Friendly Packaging Solution

✅ No Tree Was Harmed Bamboo Kraft Mailers are pollution-free, low-carbon environmental impact, high strength, high environmental protection, and is currently the world’s best environmentally friendly packaging materials.

✅ Bamboo is strong, dependable, biodegradable, no micro-plastics, no chlorine bleach, no fragrances, no BPA, no petroleum, and other fossil fuel ingredients.

✅ Bamboo plants are a natural antibacterial material that can grow 30 inches in a day and converts CO2 to O2 faster than trees.

✅ Bamboo is a grass not a tree, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on our planet. When harvested bamboo regenerates and does not die. Bamboo does not need pesticides or fertilizer.

✅ Trees need to age of 20 to 30 years compared to 6 years for bamboo before they draw in significant amounts of carbon dioxide. Bamboo yields 20 times more fiber than trees. A bamboo plant matures in four to eight years. An amazing growth rate.

✅ Bamboo plants consume far less water compared to trees. A grove of bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen than an equal quantity of trees.

✅ Celebrate Earth Day every day when No Tree was harmed. Deforestation causes permanent removal of trees. Deforestation Kills the Tree of Life and without Trees all life that lives in a forest disappears. Bamboo Kraft Paper, Boxes, Jars, Lip Balm and Deodorant Push Up Tubes saves trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats and helps maintain rainfall levels.

Download the No Tree Was Harmed 2021 Sustainable Packaging Catalog.

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