• Bamboo is Nature's Choice for Tree Free Sustainable Packaging. Saving the Earth one package at a time.

6 Inch x 9 Inch Kraft Mailers, 300 Count, No Tree Was Harmed Resealable Bamboo Kraft Mailers, 200 GSM, 2 Glue Strips, Self Sealing Sustainable Mailing Envelopes (Eco Friendly Bubble Mailer – Poly Mailer Alternative) (Copy)

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✅ In Stock. Free shipping for the US 50 States, 2 to 6 day Free Shipping and FedEx Tracking. This product comes with 1 Bamboo Ballpoint Pen that can be used as a gift in a Christmas Sock. Contact us if you want this item shipped internationally.

✅ 300 Count, 9 inch x 10 Inch Kraft Mailers, Reusable, 2 Glue Strips, Self Sealing Bamboo Kraft Fulfillment Mailers. Made of 200gsm Bamboo Kraft Paper Card.

✅ Make Your Handmade Products Stand Out: Grow market share, increase revenue by promoting brand awareness with truly sustainable packaging made from 100% bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts.

✅This product qualifies for Free Shipping in the USA with tracking to all Fifty States.


✅ 300 Count, 6 inch x 9 Inch Resealable Bamboo Kraft Mailers, 3 – 100 Count Packages. Pull Tab, Reusable, 2 Glue Strips,  Self Sealing Kraft Fulfillment Mailers. Made of 200gsm Bamboo Kraft Paper Card. There is a second adhesive strip with a tear tab in-between; each mailer can be reused a second time. The mailer has a 3 inch enclosure with a total length of 12 inches; 9 inches length when closed. Watch our videos on the No Tree Was Harmed YouTube Channel.

✅ The No Tree Was Harmed Kraft Mailers can be the Poly Mailer Alternative: Use the No Tree Was Harmed Eco Bamboo Kraft Wrapping Paper or our Bamboo Honeycomb Cushion Wrap instead of bubble wrap mailers and padded mailers to hold a non-fragile product in place inside the package.

✅ Made of Bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts. They save trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats, and helps maintain rainfall levels.

✅ Our Bamboo Kraft Mailers are compostable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, unbleached, non-toxic, acid free, no bpa, no micro plastics, no trees, zero waste, more eco-friendly than recycled kraft paper.

✅ No Tree Was Harmed Bamboo Kraft Mailers are pollution-free, low-carbon environmental impact, high strength, high environmental protection, and is currently the world’s best environmentally friendly packaging materials.

✅ 72 percent of consumers in the USA, Canada, and Europe want sustainable packaging when they buy a product online and are willing pay extra for eco friendly shipping supplies.

✅ Celebrate Earth Day every day when No Tree was harmed. Deforestation causes permanent removal of trees. Deforestation Kills the Tree of Life and without Trees all life that lives in a forest disappears. Bamboo Kraft Mailers. Kraft Paper,  Honeycomb cushion Paper, Boxes, Jars, Lip Balm and Deodorant Push Up Tubes saves trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats and helps maintain rainfall levels.

Poly Mailers made from PLA, PBAT materials are not Eco friendly


Read more why bamboo materials are sustainable


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Technical Details

Manufacturer Nutricare Plus
Brand Name No Tree Was Harmed
Items Weight 10.7 pounds
Each Package Dimensions 9 x 6 x 0.04 inches
Color Light Brown Bamboo Kraft Paper
Material Type 200 gsm Bamboo Kraft Paper
Number of Items 3 – 100 Packs
Free Shipping All 50 States in USA
Manufacturer Part # 3-BMBOKraftPaperCardMailer-6inx9in
Manufacturer GTIN # 00850027684284-3



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