• Bamboo is Nature's Choice for Tree Free Sustainable Packaging. Saving the Earth one package at a time.

No Tree Was Harmed Handcrafted Bamboo Bowls


✅ No Tree Was Harmed Bamboo Bowls are available in 2 sizes: 5.5 Inch x 3.15 Inch – 14 cm D x 8cm H  and 7 Inch D x 2.36 Inch H 18cm D x 6 cm.

✅  Bamboo is Nature’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution: Sustainable products made from bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts.

✅  Eco bamboo packaging save trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats, and helps maintain rainfall levels.

✅  Bamboo has strong fibrous properties making it the ideal Green Eco Packaging choice.


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