• Bamboo is Nature's Choice for Tree Free Sustainable Packaging. Saving the Earth one package at a time.

Resealable Bamboo Kraft Mailers

Resealable Bamboo Kraft Mailers

Nature’s Eco Friendly Packaging Solution: Compostable 200gsm, each mailer is handmade one at a time, the 2 glue strips are applied manually by a skilled worker. Bamboo Kraft Paper Card Mailers are approximately as thick as the card used for a cereal box, more eco friendly than recycled kraft paper, paper card or cardboard originally sourced from trees Our Kraft Mailers are made from bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts

Each Bamboo Kraft Mailer is made of 200gsm Bamboo Kraft Paper Card and packaged in 200gsm Bamboo Kraft Paper Card. They are Resealable, Reusable, 2 Glue Strips, and Self Sealing.

Increase revenue by promoting brand awareness with eco-friendly packaging made from 100% bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts.

72% of consumers in the USA, Canada, and Europe want sustainable packaging when they buy a product online and are willing pay extra for it.

Download the No Tree Was Harmed 2021 Sustainable Packaging Catalog.


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